Comparing Palliative Care vs. End of Life Care from Jackson, MS

Key Differences Between Palliative Care & End of Life Care Available in Jackson, MS

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about elderly care is the fact that you will eventually have to deal with the matter of death. When it becomes inevitable, everything changes. People will now have to focus more on the eternal rather than the temporal, switching from curative measures to those that help promote a more dignified death.

What Palliative Care is All About?

Palliative care is also called comfort care for a very obvious reason. The goal of this kind of care is to maximize the patient’s level of comfort given his or her present medical or non-medical condition. People who receive this kind of care is likely to be undergoing something that is causing discomfort or pain, and palliative care is there to reduce, if not eliminate the suffering until the cause finally disappears.

But sometimes that condition or illness doesn’t disappear and will be there for the rest of the person’s life. When this happens, palliative care continues to be a viable option in lessening suffering and ensuring that the loved one is able to live the rest of his or her life with dignity and as minimal suffering as possible, considering that eliminating the pain is no longer an option.

What End of Life Care is All About?

As the name of the care suggests, end of life care is about providing support for a senior who is already in his or her final stages in life. During this time, curative measures are no longer resorted to because it has been determined that the condition that the senior is suffering from can no longer be cured.

End of life care always focuses on the ABCD’s of dying, which are attitude, behavior, compassion, and dialogue. This is important because, beyond the physical form of care, dealing with the death is more about conditioning the senior and his or her loved ones to come to terms with the inevitable. In order to do this, the caregiver must take into consideration the feelings, beliefs, and even culture of the senior with respect to death. Only then can one get a dignified death, which is the ultimate goal of end of life care.

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